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Affordable & Quick Access to Loans??????

Trus-SL is a Sierra Leone registered company that specialises in providing affordable financial assistance to salaried workers for emergency expenses.

Affordable & Quick Access to Loans??????

TrusMoni, the first of our innovative products, is designed to offer salary advance to qualifying employees of Participating Employers (PEs).

Partnership with Us means:

No child has to miss out on their education
because of SCHOOL FEES

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Call us today +232 7574 1432 / +232 75 141740 or email at


Prompt services

Unlike borrowing money from a bank or a micro-finance institution, our process aims to be as uncomplicated as possible. This allows employees to access funds in a convenient, quick manner. Our loans are disbursed within 72 hours, subject to the borrower meeting our criteria and providing all the necessary documentation.

Ease all emergencies

TrusMoni provides access to quick and affordable credit to help resolve temporary cash flow problems. Our loans are available for all your emergencies, be it a funeral, school fees, medical, travel or any other urgent financial needs that may arise. TrusMoni is here to ease your stress. ​


Quick & Efficient

Applications and approvals within 72 hours.


All funds are sent and received through mobile money or bank account.


We have no hidden fees or registration fees.

Our Partners

Our Vision

A world in which all people’s basic needs are met through innovative and affordable credit products

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