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Recent survey revealed that many employees often come up short at the end of the month and are unable to secure loans through the formal banking sector.

At Trus-SL our goal is to make sure that employees who need emergency short term loans can obtain it quickly and affordably.

To be eligible, employees must:
  • Be working for a Partner Employer (PE)
  • Be on the employer’s payroll for at least 12 months prior to applying for TrusMoni.
  • Have your salaries directly deposited into a bank account.
  • Agree to payroll deductions for the repayment of the loan.


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“Without TrusMoni I would not have been able to pay for my wife’s emergency hospital bills,”
BM , June 2021

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“We couldn’t get a loan from other lenders but Trus-SL supported us with our child’s school fees”.
MK, May, 2021

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“During COVID-19 pandemic, TrusMoni proved to be a very reliable service”.
Bangura , April, 2021

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“Swift & easy application process, I received my money in less than 48 hours”.
Conteh, May, 2021

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“I am so grateful to my company for signing up for this service. Without it my grandmother might have died. Thanks to Trus-SL, I was able to get her the urgent medical treatment needed. I will definitely use TrusMoni again, it was a life saver”.
Mabinty, May 2021

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